Group overview

Oodrive, the specialist in online file management

An international presence

A software publisher established in 2000 and pioneer of SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions in France, Oodrive is a leading European provider of secure online file management solutions for companies:

  • AdBackup, the range of first online backup solutions in Europe
  • PostFiles and iExtranet, online file sharing solutions
  • Omnikles, virtualization solutions of public procurement contracts
  • CertEurope, e-Trust solutions
  • SmartBrowser and Virtual Browser, cloud browser solutions.

Oodrive solutions are used by VSBs, SMBs as well as large corporates operating in various business sectors (industry, construction, media and communication, services, luxury goods, administration, consultancy, law and accountancy firms, etc.). Over 70% of the companies listed on the French CAC 40 index use an Oodrive solution.

Oodrive also develops applications for general consumers through strategic partnerships with major European players in distribution (such as Fnac, Darty, Auchan, Orange, NordNet, The Phone House and the MAAF). For each brand name, Oodrive develops specific remote backup, and online file storage and file sharing services, offered mostly as part of packages for private individuals.

Currently based in France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, UK and Asia (Singapore), Oodrive has around 14,500 professional clients and more than a million users in over 90 countries.

A committed SaaS player

As a key market player and a pioneer of the SaaS model in France, Oodrive promotes cloud computing on a daily basis.

To this end, Oodrive is an active member of the following organisations: the AFDEL (French Association of Software Publishers), EuroCloud in France and Spain (association for the promotion of SaaS solutions), Seed4Soft (association of entrepreneurial investors financing new, innovative software publishers) and (the first platform for establishing relations between IT resellers and Cloud solution providers).

The CertEurope Business Unit

Over 12 years’ experience and technological expertise

Founded in December 2000, CertEurope aims to offer solutions to secure paperless information flows. A pioneer in electronic certification services, CertEurope designs and develops applications for securing exchanges of electronic documents. Its solutions are based on tested technologies such as electronic certificates and time stamping, core elements of online security, which provide strong authentication and allow documents to be signed electronically, guaranteeing the integrity, existence and probative value of the documents exchanged.
CertEurope joined the Oodrive Group in May 2012.


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