Shared Certificate Authorities: the guarantee of a qualified operator with the convenience of outsourcing

CertEurope’s range of “ready-to-use” Certificate Authorities covers various security levels (the French RGS security framework’s 1-, 2- and 3-star levels, PRIS V1, Qualified etc.). It consists of CAs that are approved for use with many applications (online processes such as vehicle registration, tendering platforms, SYLAé etc. and business-specific applications in sectors such as banking, legal affairs etc.) and recognised natively by the Adobe suite. CertEurope gives you the choice between outsourcing and managing in-house the various roles associated with issuing and administering electronic certificates: orders, generation, issuing and client support.

In the fully outsourced version, the service can be operational in less than 10 days.

This service is ideal for companies that wish to equip a group of people (employees, clients, partners, prospective clients, members, suppliers etc.) with certificates while freeing themselves from the technical and administrative processes or retaining only partial control.

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