Electronic signatures with legal force in one clic

CertSign 1-Click is an “all-in-one” package incorporating electronic signatures and software certificates with no need for installation

CertSign 1-Click enables online signatures using a software certificate that the web user acquires with a single click from the e-commerce site they are using.

Applications :

CertSign 1-Click is recommended for signing documents that do not require evidence: health questionnaires, subscriptions, order forms, travel contracts, insurance etc.

Just one click by the user enables CertEurope to:
–     generate the electronic certificate based on the information supplied by the website
–     validate the electronic signature directly on the platform once the web user has signed
–     return the signed document to the end client and/or the website.

Users of CertSign 1-Click:

–     ISPs and mobile or landline telephone operators selling subscriptions via the Internet
–     Web travel agents obtaining signatures for their travel contracts
–     Banks/insurance companies for e-banking transactions

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