Like a company stamp, this seal can be added on behalf of a legal entity

CertSign Server is a service enabling electronic documents to be signed in batches or individually on behalf of a company or other legal entity.
Combined with a Server Stamp, available in CertEurope’s range of server certificates, CertSign Server enables batches of documents to be signed in one operation.

Applications :

Ideal for signing client invoices, payslips etc.

Users of CertSIgn Server :

– companies moving their partnership contracts with their distributors online
– Human Resources departments issuing their employees’ payslips in electronic form

A simple, automated process

The CertSign Server service is operated in SaaS mode. It does not require any installation on the user’s workstation and is presented as a simple application accessible from your website.

The signature is requested by a human user or an application (meaning that the request can be fully automated).

The client application authenticates the request and sends the documents to be signed and the information about the signing entity to CertEurope.

Once the information supplied has been checked, the certificate is selected on the server and used to add the signatures in batches.

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