The SSL certificates issued by CertEurope reassure website visitors by proving that they are indeed connected to the client’s website and that sensitive data exchanges are encrypted.

Activate the yellow padlock, the https symbol and the green address bar to benefit from the highest levels of security and trust for your website, your assets and your online brand image.
CertEurope is a partner of GlobalSign, a Certificate Authority that is accredited with WebTrust and has been issuing digital certificates since 1996. Backed by this cooperation, CertEurope offers a range of SSL certificates benefiting from public trust in order to secure your website using the most robust encryption technologies on the market.

Three types of SSL certificates are available:


Fast issue of SSL certificates with up to 256-bit encryption.

A DomainSSL certificate activates the “little yellow padlock” and secures electronic transactions, connections to online accounts, webmail services, network traffic and online services in minutes.


SSL validating your organisation, equipped with the most robust encryption.

Secure your website with a high-security SSL certificate issued via a traditional verification process benefiting from a high degree of trust and capable of 256-bit encryption.
Your company’s existence is verified based on third-party databases and your own documentation. The OrganizationSSL certificate brings the benefit of a high level of client trust because your company’s name and address are included in the certificate itself.
This certificate can be issued in two working days.


Turn the address bar green for maximum reliability and trust.

The Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL) certificate tells your customers directly that you are using the highest levels of SSL security currently available.
By turning your address bar green and indicating your company’s name to the client, your SSL certificate gives you a higher level of reliability and trust than the standard padlock, issued without extended validation.
This certificate can be issued in three working days.

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